Food Service Refrigeration

Food service refrigeration including reach-in cabinets and walk-in refrigeration have been a significant part of our business. Through a strong relationship with US Cooler in Quincy, Illinois we have been given several projects including many large refrigerated and frozen storage warehouses, and can assist with projects over 10,000 square feet.  We have worked with several hospitals and funeral homes to specify mortuary refrigeration installations. Experience with scientific refrigeration for pharmaceutical, plant life, and laboratory storage, as well as large and small wine storage solutions, beer refrigeration and glycol beer line systems, floral coolers, and other specialty refrigeration projects have given us extensive knowledge in the growing refrigeration industry.  US Cooler manufactures recyclable extruded polystyrene panels with the highest insulation value in the walk-in industry. We recommend Heatcraft refrigeration equipment engineered for energy savings, long life and an extensive global equipment and parts inventory. Speaking of global, we’ve created a team of affiliated shippers and installers to bring walk-in refrigeration anywhere in the world. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Walk-in refrigeration is one of the more complex components of food service facility design. Careful sizing, and the mechanical and electrical details always become an important factor to understand.

All walk-in refrigeration projects, include condensate drains, consideration of heat loads, interior lighting, electrical load information and connections, and structural considerations.  Consult an architect or contact Right Side Up to get the expertise necessary to specify the correct walk-in refrigeration for your next project.

We also offer complete service and maintenance of refrigeration equipment, and will customize a program for your exact needs and budget. If you are having a problem with your existing refrigeration equipment, call us, and we will provide diagnostic information and repair work and guaranty to save you money.